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New Favorite Word

An Example:

A place with a bunch.

Also from Neatorama

Cool Picture

This may look like a paint by numbers but is actually a photo. From Neatorama

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History Lesson

This is what I was missing in my History classes... Fancy Graphics.

I am getting too old

From Across-the-Board

84% of women say they've met new men by ass grinding

A new survey was conducted by a medical resident at Queen's University, Kingston 143 women in clubs between the ages of 18 and 28 about what works when a man is trying to get their attention at a bar.

While most women in the survey said they preferred a man introduce himself and start a conversation when they first meet, about 30% said "grinding" is an acceptable way to pick someone up.

"Grinding" is exactly what it sounds like -- a man introduces himself to a strange woman by coming up behind her on the dance floor and rubbing his pelvis against her. In case you think this is a bit exaggerated, 84% of the women in the survey say this is how they have personally experienced new men introducing themselves.

Another startling finding in the survey is 3.5% of the women asked said touching their breasts was an "acceptable alternative to hello". Now, 3.5% is not very high, but if you're in a bar with 200 women, that means statistically somewhere there are seven of them who will let you shake more than their hands when you introduce yourself. Full article here.

Angry Video Game Nerd's Spider-man Trailer

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Work related funny

Sonic Screwdriver

From Gizmodo:

Cool note of the day:

The most recent incarnation of the Sonic Screwdriver, as used in the most recent Doctor Who series, was a lot smaller than this one. Then, when the producers of the show saw this one (which had to be large enough to accomodate 3 AG13 batteries) they took the toy mold and cast an identical one.


From Across the Board

How does America rank sexually? Not high according to a global sex survey conducted by Durex condoms. In a country that's practically made porn a national pastime, and where releasing a highly embarrassing, "stolen" sex tape is the key to fame and fortune, the U.S. came in a dismal 23 out of 26 countries - beating out only Japan, Hong Kong and Nigeria.

On average we have sex just 85 times per year, way lower than the global average of 103 times. And when we do, we average 18 minutes per session. Not surprisingly, less than half of Americans (48%) are satisfied with their sex lives. via

• The least sexually satisfied people in the world are those in the Asia Pacific at 35%

• The most satisfied? Africans at 66%.

People having the most sex - Greeks at 164 times per year, followed by Brazilians at 145 times.

Africans spend the most time per session at 24 minutes, and Western Europeans spend the least time, 17 minutes.

• The age group most likely to achieve orgasm comes in at those aged 65 and over. Which is why grandma is always smiling.
Good news for the Brothers D. I guess.

When Ninja's Attack

From Dwight Schrute's Schrute-Space by Dwight K. Schrute

Every year, when spring comes, my mind goes to one place and one place only, Ninjas.

Every time you read about Ninja’s attacking somebody or assassinating some public figure, it seems to happen in the spring. I’m not sure why, it’s just the way it is.

Maybe it’s the fact that the spring is traditionally the new year in most pagan religions. It is also the Persian festival, “Naw Ruz” or “New Year”.

Whether it is a throwing star to the neck at a bowling alley, a poison spike that sails through an open window and lodges itself in the fleshy part of the leg, or a mysterious black-clad figure with a bo staff, perched up on the ceiling of your garage as you pull in your car from your awesome job, ninja attacks can and will happen anywhere and anytime.

And they happen to the best people too. Just ask my cousin Heindl. She has lost 12% hearing in her left ear from one.

Things to remember:

Be alert. Everybody loves a lert. (Ziggy joke)

Check ceilings first, when doing your safety inspections, that’s where they like to ‘hang’.

The best defense against a ‘shuriken’ or throwing star is a good offense. Also, armor.

You will never beat a ninja at a sword fight, one on one. When the Ninja draws his sword, fire your taser ™. A well placed taser ™ will take out even the most deadly of ninjas.

Show them that you know they’re there. Shout out, when entering a new locale or a suspicious locale, “I know you’re there, Mr. Ninja. Your element of surprise has now been taken away” [I’ve gotten many ‘funny’ looks for this kind of preparedness, but so be it. That is a risk I’m willing to take. Are YOU!?]

But most importantly, remember that a Ninja is only trying to kill you if someone has hired that ninja to do so. So for every ass-kicking Ninja trying to take someone out there is some alienated girlfriend, some enemy rival at the workplace or some Japanese feudal lord who has paid that Ninja to kill. Or worse.

I hope this web log has made your spring a more beautiful and restful time. That was the author’s intent. Also, fear.

Dwight Kurt Schrute, Assistant Regional manager, Dunder-Mifflin Paper
Chairman and Founder, Lackawanna County Ninja Preparedness Council

Zombie American

Chapter 1
Zombie-American Chapter One
Chapter 2
Zombie American - Chapter 2

Not a real cool product

But is still kind of cool.

Cool Video

I have never heard of these guys before but this video is Awesome.

The S is for Shakespeare

From Chris's Invincible Super-blog

Cool Product

This is such an obvious idea. Why is this the first time I am seeing this.

Why Heroes is going to ruin next years TV season.

So if you are reading this then you know that I am a huge fan of sci-fiction and fantasy and I am always excited when a genre show like Lost and Heroes is successful. The problem is that Hollywood is notorious for trying to recreate successes by looking at the surface of show instead of what actually makes it good. What that means is that the 07-08 television series is going to be very heavy on genre shows.


Bionic Woman - Remake of the original by 1/2 of the team that recreated Battlestar Galactica. Starbuck from Battlestar is the bad guy in the pilot.

Journeyman - A time travel show staring the Lucius Vorenus from Rome.

Chuck - A nerd gets a spy database downloaded into his head. The second clip is great, Chuck vs a Ninja. Clips were very funny.

Heroes: Origins - A Heroes spin-off that will air while Heroes is on Hiatus. It will be stand alone episodes with none of the main cast.


Moonlight - Vampire detective. Link is just to schedule but you can click on the schedule to see a clip. Looks very soapy.


Pushing Daisies - A detective that can bring the dead back to life. My favorite of all the clips I saw.

Eli Stone - An attorney that hallucinates. Ally McBeal but with a male lead? George Michael!?!?

Cavemen - Geico Cavemen in a half hour dramedy. May actual be able to talk about race issue without people getting fired.


New Amsterdam - An immortal cop in New York. The clips make this show look HORRIBLE.

The Sarah Connor Chronicles - Terminator spin-off. Can this really work as an on-going series?

The CW:

Reaper - A bounty hunter for the Devil. The pilot was directed by Kevin Smith.

Lady Liberty may be in trouble

I am not one to believe in omens and that might be a good thing. Last month my cleaning women accidentally knock the arm of my micro-scale Statue of Liberty Lego sculpture. Not a big deal easily repaired.
Then a couple of weeks later, I closed my freezer door and the arm fell off of my Master Builders Statue of Liberty Lego sculpture.

As you can see it fell it to a bunch of pieces. So this is going to take a little more time to fix. I will probably even need to find the original instructions.

I am just hoping the trend does not keep up the food chain.

Go to one game in every M's homestand - Take 2 - 2

Still on my Quest to catch one game during each homestand.
April 28th Against the Kansas City Royals. Went with Jason "Duece".

Unfortunately Weaver was pitching for the M's, so the final score was 3-8.

On the plus side it was Rally Towel night.

It was the hottest day so far this year and Felix was pitching so I made a solo trek to Safeco on May 15th (Super Tuesday!) to watch the Los Angeles Angels.

Final Score 11-3


I have been busy at work and not wanting to touch a computer when I got home so I am WAY behind on my blogging. So I have set aside today to get caught up on the Stuff To Say. Let the flow begin...

Top Ten Surprises In The "Heroes" Season Finale

As read by Masi Oka (Hiro) on 5/15/2007 Late Show With David Letterman

10 - One of us gets whacked by Tony Soprano
9 - Show's slogan changed to "Save the Cheerleader, Save the World, Save 15% on Your Car Insurance by Switching to Geico"
8 - Judges go nuts after the pulse-pounding rumba I do with Billy Ray Cyrus
7 - We use our powers to lower gas prices, am I right, people?
6 - Devote entire show to figuring out what the hell is happening on "Lost"
5 - The telepathic cop wins a new car after reading Pat Sajak's mind on "Wheel Of Fortune"
4 - New hero has the ability to reduce acid reflux
3 - I beat the crap out of Spider-Man
2 - The invisible man gets caught sneaking into dressing rooms at J.C. Penney
1 - I use my teleporting powers to bust Paris Hilton out of the slammer

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Ego Search

So I found this article on Lifehacker. It is about using a MonitorThis to build an opml file that can be upload in to you RSS Reader. With this opml file you can now monitor a group of RSS feeds that check for new instances of your name in the Interweb. I created one for my name and it found articles on my Uncle Jerome and Rugby player named Chris. Apparently Chris is actually a stud of a Rugby player and will be representing the US in the Rugby World Cup. Yeah I was surprised that there was a Rugby World Cup too.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Things to Avoid

Listed in no particular order

1. The Plague
2. Stick in the Eye
3. Spider-man 3

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

How Many of Me
LogoThere are
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

Apparently 332 people share my last name in the USA.

Update: I just did a little playing around with this site and Jim and George will be sad to learn that they don't live in the United States. I will miss them.