Tuesday, May 30, 2006

M's Games Update

Unloaded the pictures from my phone, so I should catch up on my home stand project.

May 5th Seattle loses to the Indians 4-9. Went with my Mother, Steve, Ken and Barb, and their kid and his kid. This game was also train car night. I would have put up a picture of it as well but I gave it to Beau to give to his Mom.

Overall a crummy game.

May 23 Seattle loses to the O's 4-14. Got free tickets from work but Mark canceled so I called Jason. This was 8/9th of a fun game since we were in the game until the 9th inning. Jason and I left after the 3rd run in the inning, but the pain did not stop there they ended up scoring SIX more times.

I am beginning to see a trend here so far the M's are 0-5 when I attend the game. They better watch out cause I'm not done yet.

"When I'm with you I want to Laugh, and Yell and...

Roll Bums?"

And that was the only good line from Date Move.

As I've said before that I LOVE genre parody movies, but unfortunately this was a scene parody movie. Alyson Hannigan is very cute and was funny but this movie just did not work.

Monday, May 22, 2006

I Feel Unwanted

So this Summer is my 20th High School Reunion. I had already planned on going to the San Diego Comic-Con, so another trip in July was not in the cards. I had been checking out the MyEvent site to see if any one I knew was going.

Some things I discovered:

  • That the foreign kid is making soft core porn in Finland.
  • John/Wes Pannell has finally desided to go full time with the John and is now doing Web Stuff. As are a LOT of our former classmates.
  • Matt Opalka, the dude that I was always next to alphabetically, now works on Indy Cars.
Now for the reason that I feel unwanted. They just added a Missing Bears Page to the site. I know for a fact they have not contacted me, but I am not on the list. Tom Hale on the list. Shawn Morrison he is there too. So are Eric Larsen and Lee Hicks. Even the Master of Socialization, Mr Steve Bradley is there. The only absences of note is Chris Woolston and that is because he actually signed up.

Maybe I'm dead and no one told me.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

L + R + A

Was a standard 8 hour day on Saturday, so I got some free time. Stopped at Best Buy and picked up New Super Mario Bros. I tend to forget that I kind of suck at platformers. I am still enjoying the game but it is frustrating when I lose my brother in the same place over and over again.

The best thing is that you can as the Luigi when you use the secret code to start a saved game.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Better Than The Current President

Last night I finished watching the first Season of the West Wing on DVD. I will worn anyone reading this that I will be spoiling plot points from this and future seasons in this review.

When this show first came on I only watched the first episode but according to this site, it was up against Star Trek Voyager and Roswell and at that time I only had the ability record two programs at once and two genera shows won out. I did give up on Roswell after a few months, but I did not get back into the show until the second season after the glowing recommendation of my friend Drew.

I really enjoyed this season, it was kind of cool seeing some of the back stories of the characters I have been following for the last six years. One of my favorite things about this season was the foreshadowing they were setting up for future seasons. Two of my favorites were the President talking to his daughter Zoey about his worst nightmare of her going to a club and being kidnapped by outside forces which is exactly what happens at the end of season four and Donna telling Josh that a good boss would take her to Hawaii which is exactly what happens in Season 7.

This show was created by Aaron Sorkin, who also created Sports Night. The good news is that his new show Studio 60 was picked up by NBC, so I can look forward to some of the best dialog on TV again.

Game Set and Match Point

Trying to catch up on my back log of blogging. I few weeks ago, while I was in LA, I watched the movie Match Point.
This movie is written and directed by Woody Allen, but is not the standard Woody Allen. For one thing it takes place in London instead of New York. It also co-stars Beau's current Lust Bunny, Scarlett Johansson.

This is one of those movies that after it was done, I thought it was really cool but I am sure it will not stand up to repeated viewings. This is because it took 2/3 rd of the movie before the thriller part of the movie kicked in. Once it did I totally got into it.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Hello is anyone still here?

Tonight I am in Nevada again. No horrible things have happened... Yet.

I have been spending my free computer time working on my DVD and Magic websites. I just finished re-entering all of my DVDs. Now I need to perform an inventory check and make down all the update all the Watched DVDs.

On the Magic site, I need to redo the Select function. Currently it works by creating a temporary table with all of the options that match the criteria selected and then pick one at random. Unfortunately the populating of the temporary table can take longer than a standard browser timeout. When I next get some free time I am going to implement an idea that I think will work better.

But before I get back to that I am going hit a bunch of topics:

  • West Wing Season 1
  • My 3rd M's game
  • MI - 3
  • E3
  • Allergy Update
  • Mother's Day
  • New Lego Sets
  • The new TV Season

Thursday, May 11, 2006

This Looks Hella Fun

I'm sure a lot of this is just cut scenes but it still looks like fun.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Tonight on the IC

Yesterday I picked up the final issue of Infinite Crisis. Today I read a review from a dude that hated it. While I personally did not hate Infinite Crisis, I do have mixed feelings about it.

First lets talk about the antagonists.

Superman of Earth 2: His motivations were two fold - he wanted to save his wife and he felt that the heroes that he left behind were not doing a very good job. He was told by Alexander Luthor that bringing back Earth-2 would save his wife and if the smartest man I know told me that I would probably believe them, so I will buy motivation one. Even at 37, I look at the youth of today and all I can see are screw-ups, so I can totally buy this one two. Verdict - I'm OK with this character.

Superboy of Earth Prime: Have you ever spent a long time locked in a confined space with your Grandparents and a dude that is way smarter than you? If you had you would be a little crackers too. Verdict - I'm OK with this character.

Alexander Luthor: This is my problem character. I know he is just the Son of the Greatest Hero of his Universe but it seams that the story keeps painting him with the same brush as his father. Maybe if he had been a little more "I'm not my father", I would have bought into his shift to villainy. And yes he is a villain. No hero would form the Society, no matter how pure the motivations were. Maybe this points to Lex Luthor's child would grow up to be a great hero. Verdict - Not buying it.

Problems with the series:

  • Superboy Prime can blow colder than the coldness of deep space and Green Lantern rings can't protect them
  • Superman can spend any amount of time around Kryptonite.
  • Wonder Woman can break a sword by throwing it in the air.
  • How did Nightwing survive a blast to the chest?
  • Is Lex Luthor a Metahuman or is just Alexander? - {Villains United Special}
My biggest issue with the whole Infinite Crisis is not with the comics but with the Crisis Counseling. I guess I now know what the older readers felt like after the original Crisis. Just a few of the things that have been retconned out of existence:
  • Peter David's Supergirl series
  • Poison Ivy's, Doomsday's and Bane's death. I will admit that Bane was the only one that I knew was dead.
  • Hippolyta's time as Wonder Woman during World War II
I am still looking forward to 52 and have by in large enjoyed the One Year Later titles, I just wish they could have done it without invalidating the past again.

Hell Has Frozen Over

And Jim will finally buy Star Wars on DVD.

I must say that I prefer the Special Editions on these films in every way except the fact that Han does not shoot first like God intended.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I have nothing clever to say.

It has been a long two weeks with a lot of hours. Started yesterday at 5:30 AM and got back to the hotel room at 9 PM. Plus I was back on site at 5:30 again. But at least I got out of there at a reasonable time tonight.

Tonight I spent my free time watching the movie Hoodwinked!
I have to be honest, I don't remember this film even coming out in the theaters but I saw a good review at DVDTalk and I love animation so I thought I would give it a spin. The basic premise of the film is the Little Red Riding Hood story told Rashomon Style. While the animation is sub-par the story itself was very entertaining.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Player Hating Redux

So my good friend Jim was talking about Luigi over in his blog. He expressed his Love for the Man in Green and I agreed that he is the cooler of the Mario Brothers. His post got me thinking about Luigi that I started playing Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time for my Nintendo DS. This is the sequel to the GBA game Mario & Luigi: The Superstar Saga. I had forgotten what a pussy they have made Luigi.

You see, most of Luigi's appearances have been as just one of the many characters in the Mario branded Multi Player Games like Mario Cart and Mario Golf. So I was allowed to make up my own personality for Luigi. In my world, he was the younger brother to the greatest Hero the Mushroom Kingdom has ever known. But what the kingdom does not know is that the reason Mario is so successful is that Luigi has got his back but does not crave the glory. But what do I get in the M&L games? A PUSSY!!! Luigi is basically scared of everything. He's a klutz that is more likely to get in to an adventure through misfortune instead of bravery. Not my idea of a Hero.

And what was up with their parents?!?!? Who in their right name would name their first born Mario Mario? That's just stupid.